face it

we cant solve all that we face… .but we can never solve anything unless and until we face it. what are you ‘avoiding’ dealing with?
we often avoid things that we dont have the answer at hand. it’s frustrating not having the answer and we sure dont want to hold onto these issues and take up our ‘mental’ space. i’ve observed that people, when confronted with this, tend to ignore, deny, suppress or just ‘let it slide’.
an idea to try on- and it’s worked for me and when i consult- is to capture that issue on paper and keep it posted. come to it from time to time. dont let it get away. it’s not going away anyway. in the dark, like mushrooms, it will grow and multiply in power.
keep it posted and trust that, if you re-visit it, you will create, attract or invent solutions. face it and have faith in yourself and your support system to come up with the necessary resources to make it right.


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