Let’s Face It…

Talk about COURAGE…

Touring around Philadelphia’s Independance Hall today, I was completely awe inspired at the amount of courage it must have taken for a small group of passionate individuals to create a  political revolution and resultant form of government known to person-kind. Imagine the amount of sacrifice and risk that these Founding Fathers, and YES, mothers, made in pursuit of religious and political freedom. In the center of the storm, they withstood the tumultuous pressures until freedom was acheived. The net result, is the single best system of governance…DEMOCRACY.

The risk/reward factor of their courage had a positive payback beyond measure. Imagine if we excersized even a modicum of that courage in our daily lives. How? Here’s what I was thinking today in Philadelphia…

We live task saturated lives and are all to often confronted with important issues that we simply can not attend to (can anyone relate?). I mean, we don’t intentionally suppress or repress these issues, but none the less, but as a coping mechanism we do it.  I strongly believe that the net result of this avoidance behavior is additional stress and tension.

The solution is this: take a lesson from our nation’s founders and have the courage to acknowledge your issues and begin to resolve them. At a minimum, take inventory of the issues in writing, and when you’re able to, FACE them.

Remember…we can’t solve all of the issues we face – but we can’t solve ANY of them unless we FACE them.



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