Having spent my ‘formative years’ in New York, I developed a ‘New York State of Mind’…. whatever that is. I think that it’s a penchant for pragmatism. Huh? Yeah, that’s the ticket.. pragmatism. It’s the ‘get real’ attitude. I think that ‘s why we’ve gotten amazing results with clients.

Recently, one of my dear dear friends, a wonderful person who has created such movies as Pass It On and Think and Grow Rich:Three Feet From Gold, who I’ve mentored for many years, described me as one who never told him what he wanted to hear but rather told him what he ‘needed’ to hear. That be me!  I say, ‘If you really care, then tell the truth’.

Should we ever ‘sugar coat’ info and feedback to those we really care about/love? I say, FUGGEDABOUDIT.


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