Emotional Recovery Rate

The most wonderful gift we can give ourselves and others is the gift of forgiveness.
Think about it. We go to the Doc for a heart test where she brings our heart rate way up on stairs or a treadmill, and the test is to see how soon our heart rate comes down to normal- otherwise known as ‘recovery rate’. This obviates our heart health.
Another recovery rate that can demonstrate our emotional health is the forgiveness recovery rate- the amount of time it takes us to come down from heights of anger all the way to peace and joy.
In the case of our heart rate, we dont necessarily do anything proactive to impact the recovery rate. However, in the emotional recovery rate we can, indeed, compress the recovery time with intention to do so.
What are your strategies to forgive and ‘let it go’?
Affirmations? Visualization? Physical activity?
Those who do not have a strategy for letting it go and coming down to a place of forgiveness, peace and tranquility are cutting short this amazing gift that we call LIFE.
Lets enjoy the BIG life, let it go and live unencumbered of anger and dis-ease.


One response to “Emotional Recovery Rate

  1. Emotional Recovery Rate..
    “Lets enjoy the BIG life, let it go and live unencumbered of anger and

    worthy to remember..lesson well learned(by me!) thank you,nephew!

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