Sincerity, Integrity, Quality

I read this morning that trust is the basis of excellent business relationships and that sincerity is the basis of trust. Sincerity? ‘No really, I mean it’. Why do we have to say that ‘I mean it’. Shouldnt we always mean what we say? Worse is when someone says, ‘let me be honest with you.’
Back to sincerity. From wikipedia I found that, “An often repeated folk etymology proposes that the word sincere is derived from the Latin sine = without, cera = wax. According to one popular explanation, dishonest sculptors in Rome or Greece would cover flaws in their work with wax to deceive the viewer; therefore, a sculpture “without wax” would mean honesty in its perfection.”
Good story (whether it’s true or not) to illustrate the concept.
Woody Allen once joked, “if you can fake sincerity, you’ve got it made.”
You cannot fake sincerity and get away with it…. for long. People, like children, like puppies can sniff out insincere knuckleheads. Be real or be gone. Don’t waste you time or the time of anyone else by representing a product, service or idea that you don’t believe in. It’s just not worth it. Remember, be real or be gone.
Building real, solid, caring professional relationships has no room for covering up challenges with wax. I can assure you that in the light of day- under Illumination, that wax will melt and expose/reveal not only your inferior deliverables but also your character.
And that aint no way to run a business or life for that matter.
Get real, Illuminate and live that BIG life.


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