Whatever you do, dont Fuggedaboudit!

Yadda yadda… at the end of the day…..Fuggedaboudit…. we hear this every day. Just words, words which make the point though.
However, I want to remind us all to resist the temptation to Fuggadaboudit when confronted with challenges, issues and concerns. Denial and avoidance is only putting off the discomfort of facing it and these issues not disappear by themselves. In fact, experience will show that, when kept in the dark, they will proliferate like mushrooms. Delayed discomfort is ultimately increased pain. Look what Fuggedaboudit did for Sonny Corleone!
So what do we do?
First, capture the issue on paper. Just write it down so it doesnt get away. Why, because our psychological systems, those wonderful processes that are designed to protect us from overload, will sweep it under the rug of consciousness and it might get lost. WRITE IT DOWN.
Next? The next step is to keep it posted so that when you have the resources of time, money, know how.. whatever, you can FOLLOW the issue and, ultimately, FIX it.
Its been said that ‘the weakest ink is stronger than the best memory’. So when your awareness allows you to see an obstacle to your happiness, productivity, health or prosperity, be sure to write it down… for there is probably a huge leverage opportunity embedded within.


3 responses to “Whatever you do, dont Fuggedaboudit!

  1. William Campbell

    Right on, or should I say “Write on”? Aw we get older we get even more forgetful. What was I saying?

  2. So true. Very important to remember where we are stuck so we don’t push it into the darkness.

  3. I am way too tired to write this again, up at 5:30 am Wednesday and still not down for recharging at 12:34 am. #1 finished the book, Excellent concept, presentation, delivery–THANK YOU.
    I copied and pasted you 8/26 blog so I can try to wrap my mind around it when, body, mind and spirit are all at the same place at the same time. I know its important, just can’t get tonight.
    #2 what it in the name of all that is holy is “Fuggedaboudit”? Hey, I’m not ashame to ask when I have no clue.
    Oh, and the write it down thing, every woman who has gone thru menapause knows ” YOU HAVE TO WRITE IT DOWN”

    Good night.

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