Obscure Ted Kennedy Quote

With the passing of Sen. Kennedy, I am reminded of a quote that he said many years back. It was this: “I don’t know why that guy is screwing me over, I was not even nice to him”. What? Why would someone screw us over if we’ve helped them?
Pretty funny line. I love the irony.
Pretty sad line. It’s too often true… and really painful.
How many times have we been disrespected or screwed over by someone who we were so nice and helpful to? My answer- too many.
The easy response to this observation is ‘Fine! I’m done helping people’… and whom among us hasn’t been of that mind before?
Sadly, that cynicism and protectionism is used by so many people to hide behind, stay safe and justify apathy. The mind obscures the heart.
I know that this is sort of preachy but I strongly believe that these experiences of being dissed by people that we’ve helped are there to test our conviction toward helping, mentoring and contributing.
Please, if you are confronted with this painful situation, stay aware of and awake to your thoughts and feelings… and resolve to continue helping, contributing, mentoring and adding to others the value of your caring energy and gifts. Remember:
Great quote Teddy. RIP.


One response to “Obscure Ted Kennedy Quote

  1. I have to acknowledge that many a time my “help”, mentoring, coaching, just trying to be a decent human being has blown up in my face and down my back, but somewhere along the line it dawned on me I can’t stop helping regardless–I wholly embrace the concept I AM my brother’s keeper and if not me then who will step up to make the difference. But when faced with ungrateful, disrespectful behaviors all I can do is say I’m sorry and it is your loss and your choice not mine to spurn me.

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