why people are dying to get in…….

im deeply saddened by the recent experience that i had with a great friend. he’s brilliant. he has a history of doing excellent work, helping solve problems for clients, speaking for large audiences and wowing them with great ideas, thoughts, strategies and ‘how to’s’.
in fact, he recently shared an awesome idea to inspire and train leadership teams in the most creative way. so why am i saddened?
one word: INACTION. he NEVER takes action. he sits and opines and reminisces and no longer takes action to share and implement his brilliance. it saddens me as much as when the taliban blew up the ancient artistic artifacts in afghanistan. what a waste. it saddens me almost as much as if they found a cure for hiv virus or malnutrition and never shared it with anyone.
i heard it said that the richest land on earth is the land at the cemetery. why? because there lies the unused talent and intellectual assets of many many people. amazing unused resources – more valuable than gold and platinum- gift wrapped and never opened.
what gifts have you been given and left ‘unopened?’


2 responses to “why people are dying to get in…….

  1. Question, is this a recent turn of events for this person or is a character identifier(something that would immediately bring that person to mind because you know that is the operating mode?

    If this is a new characteristic, then maybe we should look further inward. If it is not then this is a friend and you’ve known them long enough to know yourself that true friend accepts you for all that you are and are not.

    SOooooo, what got your nickers in a knot anyway?

  2. One thing that can explain why your friend who worked so hard to develop a good reputation and a powerful set of skills may have developed what’s called a “fixed mindset” about his ability. In Carol Dweck’s research once a person has decided that their abilities are fixed (even if it’s fixed in a positive way) then they tend to feel anxiety about maintinging an image of success and dont’ want to tarnish this image with the possibility of failure. Her solution which is backed by 30 years of research is to help the person develop a “growth mindset.” You can find out more by looking at her research book Self Theories or by looking up her popular book Mindset.


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