No Gift Card Needed

I received and opened up a gift today, one that was totally unexpected, one that had no box, wrapping or bow….and, while it was presented to me at this holiday season, it was not at a gift exchange, per se.
Let me explain.
A new friend invited me to attend her mastermind group. Hmmm, I thought. While it would be nice to meet friends of a friend, I certainly wouldnt want to interfere with their process. Maybe I’d feel like an outsider, or bored, or worse yet…get drunk with testosterone and want to fix everything! (Yeah, good luck on that one!)
Well, that small voice said, ‘go for it, yes it involves getting up very early, going out into the unseasonably cold and rainy San Diego weather but just go for it’- and I did- and therein was the gift.
These women were amazing! Alive, vibrant, open, supportive, clearly on a quest for personal and professional development with a passion for innovation and entrepreneurial action. I was blown away. An amazing gift to feel the mutual concern, the daring and bold accountability to and from one another…and the collaborative process sans ego.
My mind was stretched, my heart opened.
At this time of holiday ‘gift giving’ I would offer this to you, gentle reader: LOOK PAST THE WRAPPING AND TANGIBLES AND OPEN THOSE INTANGIBLE GIFTS THAT SURROUND US TODAY AND EVERYDAY.
While it was not at a gift exchange that I was presented this treasure… I am committed to be sure to reciprocate today, tomorrow and forever…and, dare I say, become a consummate ‘re-gifter’.
Happy Holidays.


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