What I’m About….

As someone who grew up in the sixties and seventies and attended Woodstock, college protests, volunteered as Director of Community Counseling Center, med evac at concerts and festivals and the like, I still maintain a strong commitment to social change. My venue at this stage of my life is the business community and that’s where I am focusing my energies to making positive change.
My books, keynotes and trainings are all about systems that foster peace of mind and productivity through personal and professional growth and development. They offer models for identifying values and mission and give procedures and processes for bringing them to life- acting in congruence with them at all times.


2 responses to “What I’m About….

  1. My workplace has a bad case of what I call “chicken little syndrome” It seems the sky is always falling. I moved into a management position to combat this syndrome and have had some success in small groups of people, mostly one issue, one employee at a time. Changes are coming faster than they can be addressed at times though. Thank you for the articles on your blog, I acquired some more tools for my toolbox.

    • You’re so right. Changes are coming at us at turbo speed. My view is that it’s all about the ‘inner game’ of change management. Just having a model like the sine wave that I described helps ppl plot where they are on the change cycle so that they dont feel as though they’re going nutso- helps.
      And it’s not an exact science so experimenting and mixing it up is a great approach. Good luck! (and keep the faith)

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